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Organic Face Lift


15 January 2017

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Organic Face Lifts

Need A Relaxing Facial At The Day Spa?

U2 Browtique & Day Spa in The Villages offers over 5 unique and effective facial treatments to our clients. Most of our facials are available for either 50 or 80 minutes. We are proud to provide services for clients with various skin types, including ethnic skin, dry skin, and damaged skin. Our facials are relaxing and leave your skin looking radiant and feeling amazing.

We give you an all-natural day that will leave you feeling pampered, relaxed, and revitalized. Come see why U2 Browtique & Day Spa is  known as one of the best in the state of Florida, and why our natural approach to health is leaving Floridians feeling fresh and beautiful like never before.

Need a quick rejuvenation and have little time? Try our mini face treatment consisting of our signature treatments. A natural blend of herbal therapies &Ayurveda in a simple treatment highly recommended for our threading clients. A session consists of facial with face lift or Microderm and cleansing to meet your skin’s needs.

Going to the spa for a facial treatment is always a personal treat!  Facials serve to cleanse, rehydrate, and rejuvenate the skin, and really make your skin glow!  At U2NewU®,  our various herbal treatments cater to your specific skin type. We offer excellent options for traditional facials that soothe and re hydrate the skin, helping to reverse the effects of sun and stress, as well as specialized facials with one sure to fit your individual skin and budget. So why not make an appointment today with one of our skin care experts, and let us refresh your skin with a relaxing facial that will leave you ready to face the world again.

We offer:

  • Natural Facials. Forget harsh chemicals that peel your skin off. We use natural abrasive techniques to gently exfoliate your skin and give that fresh, amazing feeling you crave.
  • Natural Face Lift. A blend of proven Ayurvedic herbs made as a dough and massaged on the face to lift the skin and to relax the eye and facial muscles to reduce under eye lines, darkness and to firm the skin. Works instantly. You can see the lift and rejuvenation skin. Sign up today and build your confidence.
  • Our special Peels. We have fruit peels which are safe and effective. We could incorporate with facial. Ask us when you are making appointment we can do both, peel and facial.

Many people report that they not only look better after our facial, but also feel refreshed, energized and more confident.  After the facial, we will recommend a program to help you maintain your new healthy look at home.

Anoo’s Advanced Indian Facial (80 minutes)

Customized and created especially for your skin type using honey, vitamin-E, glycerin, orange juice mixed evenly and this warm mixture will have a slow massage effect which will deep cleanse and relax. Fresh fruits and vegetables like Papaya and Cucumber paste massage follows for 30 min to remove dead skin cells.  Cucumber cools and is  natural astringent.   An Orange and Lemon peel powder and rice powder is used as a scrub.  Has volatile oil which makes the skin naturally glow and gives starch other than naturally exfoliating the skin, increases blood circulation, tones facial muscles and relieves stress.  In addition, disinfecting herbs will be applied after steam and extractions (with a mummy mask).

All followed by Reflexology for hands and feet.  Reflexology is included with your facial because it works best on the organs when you are in a relaxed stage.

The Advanced Facial difference is with more luxurious herbs like Sandal wood and Tulsi will be used for deeper moisture penetration and deeper cleansing of the skin.  Rated #1 in the world as most relaxing and for best look of the skin Soft and shiny.

Anoo’s Organic Facial (50 minutes & 80 minutes)

A slow massage with Oranges, Vitamin E and Glycerin, is followed by a massage with a blend of Cucumber and Papaya, using the Queen stone for deeper penetration. Followed by steam, extractions and a customized mask – based on your skin type. Good for cleansing all skin types in all age groups. Hand or Foot massage with Queen stone is included in the treatment.

Anoo’s Sandalwood Facial ( 40 minutes.)

This facial uses sandalwood, a natural moisturizing plant bark, to hydrate and deep cleanse your face, leaving your skin healthy and glowing. Very relaxing facial.  Also available with stones for 45 minutes

Herbal Microdermabrasion Pouch for Face (50 minutes & 80 minutes)

This (2 in 1) treatment is done without using machine. Proven Auryvedic herbs are pounded and leaves veins stays as a stick after pounding 80 pounds of herbs, when sieved only 2 pounds of the stick remain. These will have most of the properties. These sticks will be made with muslin cloth as pouch. This unique herbal pouch is used to exfoliate, remove dead skin cells. Disinfects, reduces freckles and pigmentation, removes blackheads and white heads, peels and heals the skin.

Organic Mini-Facial (30 Minute)

A relaxing, rejuvenating mini-facial starts with a cleansing with orange peels followed by a scrub with orange and lemon peel powder.  We then gently massage your skin with freshly blended organic berries and enzymes. Finally, we massage with freshly blended papaya and cucumber paste to remove dead skin cells and exfoliate deeper. Helps to remove sun damage as well. Can be done weekly or monthly.


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