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Anoo’s Advanced Indian Facial
80 minutes..
Customized and created especially for your skin type using honey, vitamin-E, glycerin, orange juice mixed evenly and this warm mixture will have a slow massage effect which will deep cleanse and relax. Fresh fruits and vegetables like Papaya and Cucumber paste massage follows for 30 min to remove dead skin cells. Cucumber cools and is natural astringent. An Orange and Lemon peel powder and rice powder is used as a scrub. Has volatile oil which makes the skin naturally glow and gives starch other than naturally exfoliating the skin, increases blood circulation, tones facial muscles and relieves stress. In addition, disinfecting herbs will be applied after steam and extractions (with a mummy mask).

All followed by Reflexology for hands and feet. Reflexology is included with your facial because it works best on the organs when you are in a relaxed stage.

The Advanced Facial difference is with more luxurious herbs like Sandal wood and Tulsi will be used for deeper moisture penetration and deeper cleansing of the skin. Rated #1 in the world as most relaxing and for best look of the skin. ..Soft and shiny.

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